Department of Chemistry


The study of matter, its characteristics, how and why the chemicals mix or separate to generate new substances, and how substances interact with energy is referred to as chemistry. The Chemistry department was established in 2019-2020 and the department features well-equipped and modernized laboratories for undergraduate students. The department has well qualified faculty members. The department has all of the necessary lab equipment and highly competent personnel to run UG programmes. The department provides customized attention and hands-on learning with cutting-edge equipment. The department's students are actively involved in the college's academic and co-curricular activities.

It is critical to continue to enhance the fundamental science of chemistry in order to provide cutting-edge tools for designing, synthesizing, and evaluating novel functional molecules for specific applications. After finishing a degree programme, the individual can either continue his or her education or look for work in a relevant profession. Biomedical Chemist, Chemical Engineering Associate, Industrial Research Scientist, or research laboratories at colleges are some of the career options.


  • The learner will comprehend the significance of the Periodic Table of the Elements, its origins, and its role in arranging chemical data.
  • The student will comprehend the interdisciplinary aspect of chemistry and will be able to use knowledge from mathematics, physics, and other disciplines to a wide range of chemical issues.
  • The student will master the laboratory skills required to plan, conduct, and evaluate chemical research in a safe and effective manner.


The chemistry department strives to be a renowned model for educating and graduating students who are equipped to compete in and contribute to the ever-changing technology.


The department's aim is to generate competent graduates by delivering great instruction and quality chemical training, preparing students to flourish in academia, research, and industry.

Courses offered

  • B.Sc., Chemistry

Programme outcomes

Programme: B.Sc., Chemistry
Upon completion of the B.Sc., Chemistry Degree Programme, the graduate will be able to
PO.No.Programme outcomes
PO1Give learners a thorough grasp of the foundations of chemistry, including all concepts and viewpoints.
PO2Design, carry out, record, and analyse the outcomes of chemical processes using critical thinking and scientific knowledge.
PO3Outside of the scientific community, raise awareness of the influence of chemistry on the environment, society, and development.
PO4Discover the green way for chemical reactions for long-term development.
PO5Instill a scientific temperament in students and those outside the scientific community.
PO6Make use of contemporary methodologies, high-quality equipment, and chemistry software.