Research Cell


  • To foster a culture of research and development across all departments, increase staff and student knowledge of the field, and provide opportunities for it.
  •  To encourage staff people to engage in research projects and to enrol for doctoral programmes in order to further their knowledge, skills, and qualities.
  • To plan faculty-level seminars and staff training events on research-related topics.
  •  To promote the publication of technical articles by employees and students for publication in reputable national and international conferences and journals.

Courses offered

  • M.Phil., Computer Science
  • M.Phil., Commerce
  • M.Phil., Microbiology
  • Ph.D., Commerce

Programme outcomes

Programme: B.Com,
Upon completion of the B.Com, Degree Programme, the graduate will be able to
PO.No.Programme outcomes
PO1Capable of acquiring a solid understanding of the fundamentals of business, accounting, economic policies, and export-import law.
PO2Face the obstacles of today's commercial activity.
PO3Learn about current taxation policies and how to use computer software tools.
PO4Find fresh business possibilities and launch a new venture.
PO5Maintain ethics and take responsibility for people, business, society, and the environment.
Programme: M.Com
Upon completion of the M.Com Degree Programme, the graduate will be able to
PO.No.Programme outcomes
PO1Comprehend the most recent advancements in financial ideas of commerce.
PO2Allow students to work as stockbrokers, finance analysts, finance managers, and chief financial officers.
PO3Conduct research and provide data analytics for finance, marketing, and human resources that are important to commerce
PO4Analyze the current company environment and make successful strategic decisions
PO5Recognize and comprehend people' and organizations ethical and moral responsibilities in society
Programme: M.Phil., Commerce
Upon completion of the M.Phil., Commerce Degree Programme, the graduate will be able to
PO.No.Programme outcomes
PO1Improve the self-efficacy and the capacity to use teaching and learning abilities in a classroom
PO2Absorb comprehensive concepts on a variety of areas and to be informed of the most recent changes affecting the organization's operations.
PO3Suggest answers to business problems by assessing risks and devising effective strategies.
PO4Conceive, develop, and implement particular research issues in commerce and related fields, as well as to deliver precise and accurate business reports
PO5Perform to a high quality while remaining true to one's ethical principles.
Programme: Ph.D., Commerce
Upon completion of the Ph.D., Commerce Degree Programme, the graduate will be able to
PO.No.Programme outcomes
PO1Use ideas, techniques, and knowledge critically to answer the fundamental issues in the field of commerce.
PO2Provide students with up-to-date commerce information that allows them to grasp and analyze commercial realities from a commerce and management standpoint.
PO3Acquire Management Competence and working understanding of Company Legislation.
PO4Collaborate with all stakeholders to generate, develop, and exchange research knowledge in order to affect and benefit society.
PO5Manage professional difficulties adhering to ethical rules and procedures.