Department of Tamil


This department was promoted to the main department status in 2002-2003, and B. Lit. Tamil degrees have been offered here since then. This college's B. Lit. Tamil students must study both traditional and modern branches of knowledge. The papers assigned as associated subjects are Journalism and Mass-media (Radio Television). These disciplines will help our students get work and/or start their own businesses. Knowledge of the language also allows you to access a great variety of materials such as literature, music, and theatre, all of which are abundant in the Tamil language. The Tamil language is used nearly completely in historical literature. The Department of Tamil was founded in 1998-1999 with the goal of teaching students about Tamil culture and literature. The Department of Tamil organizes an educational tour every year to historical places exclusively for B. Lit students. The Department published "MEENAKSHI AANDU ITHAZH" from the academic year 2018-2019. The department produced nearly 30 university rank holders from its inception. The Department received permanent affiliation status from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli in the year 2009-2010.


A student will learn about the historical background of the Tamil language, as well as how to read and write without making grammatical errors. Learning ancient and modern literature in the Tamil language would season the kids' minds and remove superstitious ideas, enhancing their leadership skills.


To increase the wealth, breadth, and vitality of the Tamil language and literature. It aims to provide the best pedagogical input for literary studies, from bachelor's to postdoctoral levels.


In accordance with its goal statement, the Department of Tamil Studies is dedicated to fostering an intellectual atmosphere via creative expression, critical mediation, and inventive ideation.

Courses offered

  • B.Lit Tamil

Programme outcomes

Programme: B.Lit., Tamil
Upon completion of the B.Lit. Degree Programme, the graduate will be able to
PO.No.Programme outcomes
PO1Understand and appreciate professional ethics.
PO2Realize the epics' ideal thoughts.
PO3Analyze the Tamils' inner and outward lives and how they interact with one another.
PO4Find out more about the history and culture.
PO5Make aware of journalistic principles.
PO6Learn about the distinctive features of specialised literature