The MCC Central Library began operating in 1998. The library building has a total square footage of roughly 3000. The library at the institution is well-stocked and rich with textbooks and reference materials. Reference, N-LIST, Internet surfing, and other knowledge-based services are provided by the library. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Library Management System (LMS) is used by the Central Library to automate its daily operations. The personnel at the library supports professors and students in quenching their hunger for knowledge. The staff and students' research efforts have been enriched by the subscriptions to national and international publications.

Library Automation

  • The ERP LMS is used for library automation.
  •  Library books are inscribed with bar-code.

Working Hours

Morning to Saturday 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM.


  •  N-List (INFLIBNET) (
  •  DELNET (
  • 15 systems are provided for accessing e-resources

General Instructions

General Instructions
1Readers should observe strict silence in the library.
2Bags and personal belongings should be left at the assigned counter.
3Users must sign the entry-exit register available at the entrance.
4A student has to produce the ID at the time of the transaction.
5Students can borrow 3 books for their reference for a duration of 14 days.
6The readers are asked to check the condition of books at the time of borrowing, in case the books are found damaged, mutilated or spoilt while returning, the reader has to replace the same as a new book.
7Loss of borrowed book has to be reported immediately to the librarian.
8Maintain a queue at the circulation counter for faster service.
9Switch off fans and lights when it is not required