Department of Computer Applications


The Department of Computer Applications was founded in 2000-2001 to fulfil the growing demand for highly skilled computer experts. The Department provides a three-year Computer Applications degree programme (BCA). The courses concentrate on computer science theory as well as software and application development. The department has a well-qualified and energetic professors who are committed to the students' success. The majority of graduates are well-placed or have chosen to pursue further education.

The department has set up a computer lab with the most up-to-date software. Students in the Bachelor of Computer Applications programme receive extensive practical training in a variety of languages in order to help them be more productive in their profession. The Department received permanent affiliation status from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli in the year 2019-2020.


  • To provide a foundation of computing ideas and business practices for effectively using and managing enterprise software and information systems.
  • Students will learn how to analyze system development needs and will be exposed to corporate software and information systems.
  • To teach BCA graduates software development abilities so that they can work for themselves in the Indian and global software markets.
  • Students will be able to choose between specializing in legacy application software, system software, or mobile apps.


Develop a computing academy by energizing the learning environment with a technology orientation and spanning the entire curriculum to increase individual potential and upgrading to deem centers of brilliance and stitch up students of all ability levels to effect industry and societal changes.


The department is dedicated to providing exceptional service to students and training them to become good IT professionals by using a deliberate teaching and learning method.

Courses offered

  • BCA

Programme outcomes

Programme: BCA
Upon completion of the BCA Degree Programme, the graduate will be able to
PO.No.Programme outcomes
PO1Attain the core value in their particular domains in order to maintain global competitiveness.
PO2Analyze and synthesize computing systems in order to address issues in computer applications using quantitative and qualitative approaches.
PO3Acquire In the design and modelling of computer-based systems, knowledge of mathematical foundations, computer application theory, and algorithm concepts are required.
PO4Acquire the ability to create, evaluate, and build programming and web development principles.
PO5Training students in non-technical abilities required for a successful transition into corporate jobs, as well as the design and development of sophisticated hardware and software computer systems.
PO6Recognize the possibilities for advancement and professional growth in all areas, as well as to assure quality in all aspects.